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Hole Making Tool

  • Nonstandard Boring Tool
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    Nonstandard Boring Tool

    Boring Tool, Boring Cutter, Cutting Tool manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Nonstandard Boring Tool,Machining Turning Blade,Swb Copy End Mill and so on.
  • HSS Drill
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    HSS Drill

    The drill bits were made of HSCo, with high red-hardness and toughness characteristics, which have great cutting performance. There’s high helix design on flute of drill, for easier chip removal. Width core design will highly improve the strength of structure and reduce break...
  • Carbide Drill Bits
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    Carbide Drill Bits

    Solid carbide drill bits were widely used. They have short chisel edge, excellent centering, light curve edge and cutting power. The unique edge treatment lead to high feed and efficiency.
  • Twist Drill
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    Twist Drill

    Special flue design on drill will increase the space for chip removal. Unique edge treatment can ensure the high feed and efficiency.
  • Boring Bar
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    Boring Bar

    There are two boring bars including fine and roughing ones. We makes boring bars and toolholders for a wide range of metal cutting applications. Also, boring bars can be customized if necessary.
  • Boring Heads For Milling Machines
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    Boring Heads For Milling Machines

    There’re fine and roughing boring heads. For fine boring heads, the precision is at about φ0.01mm per teeth. Inner cooling will quickly cool down the cutter head.
  • Boring Tools
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    Boring Tools

    There are kinds of boring tools, including rough boring tools, large diameter double edged boring tool and fine boring tools.
  • Boring Head
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    Boring Head

    Boring heads including roughing and finishing boring heads. Please kindly see details as below:
  • Reamer Sizes
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    Reamer Sizes

    There are kinds of reamers including spiral reamer and straight fluted reamer which will help to obtain higher roughness and precision.
  • Machine Reamer
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    Machine Reamer

    Machine reamers are for cnc machines which will help to obtain higher roughness and precision. They are economical and reliable.
If you are willing to know hole making tool shapes, types or its' geometry, or if you are going to wholesale hole making tool grape, with the products for sale, Winway Tools, one of the leading manufacturers in China, is always at your service. Please be free to get the product from our factory.