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Profile Milling factory

  • Helical Milling Cutter

    Contact NowHelical Milling CutterHelical milling cutter is nice for roughing and contouring; The body core is more strength and better rigidity, who has longer lifetime; Medium length inserts will effectively reduce the cutting force, so as to ensure stable running and surface roughness.

  • CNC Lathe Indexable Milling Cutter Face Milling Tool And Coating

    Contact NowCNC Lathe Indexable Milling Cutter Face Milling Tool And CoatingMilling Cutter Description:1. This indexable face milling cutter is applied to CNC lathe machine and connected with tool holder;2. Matched with tungsten carbide inserts, No.: SEET13T3;3. Spare parts

  • T Slot Milling Cutter

    Contact NowT Slot Milling CutterT slot milling cutter is suitable for internal, external milling and clean-up machining. The cutting width is between 1.5mm and 4.8mm. Different inserts can be chosen as per geometry.

  • Face Milling Cutter

    Contact NowFace Milling CutterIndexable SE13 wiper inserts who have four cutting edges are used to the face milling cutters. Also, various kinds of chipbreaker design for inserts make them almost suitable for all working conditions. The body of cutters adopt high strength alloy steel which show nice rigidity, superior temperature as well as corrosion resistance.

  • SPKN1203 High Quality Cermet Insert Face Milling Insert

    Contact NowSPKN1203 High Quality Cermet Insert Face Milling InsertTurning tools, carbide inserts, end mills, drill bits, face milling cutters, side milling cutters, chamfer milling cutters, helical milling cutters, anti vibration bar, tool holders​ and such cutting tools.

  • High Quality Helical Milling Cutter For Milling

    Contact NowHigh Quality Helical Milling Cutter For MillingHelical milling cutter is a kind of cutting tool having an outer surface with a plurality of inserts connected to a distinct pocket extending generally radially on the outer surface.

  • Boring Heads For Milling Machines

    Contact NowBoring Heads For Milling MachinesThere’re fine and roughing boring heads. For fine boring heads, the precision is at about φ0.01mm per teeth. Inner cooling will quickly cool down the cutter head.

  • High Feed CNC Side Milling Cutter

    Contact NowHigh Feed CNC Side Milling CutterWinway factory is ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer of CNC cutting tools who can produce milling cutters, turning tools, end mills, drill bits, boring tools, U drills, deep hole drills, carbide inserts,​ outside boing tools.

  • SEEN1203AFTN Hot Sale Face Milling Carbide Inserts Milling Inserts

    Contact NowSEEN1203AFTN Hot Sale Face Milling Carbide Inserts Milling InsertsSEEN1203AFTN Best selling face milling carbide insert can achieve a reliable tool life in various cutting conditionsl.

  • Face Milling Aluminium

    Contact NowFace Milling AluminiumThe body was made of high strength aluminium alloy which is lighter and allows for higher speed. Positive pocket geometry on cassette, obviously reduce the cutting force and consumption. It’s better for cutting non-ferrous materials. PCD inserts of the cutters can be used for kind of material grapes, which own rather nice corrosion resistance and rigidity.