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side mill

  • Helical Milling Cutter

    Contact NowHelical Milling CutterHelical milling cutter is nice for roughing and contouring; The body core is more strength and better rigidity, who has longer lifetime; Medium length inserts will effectively reduce the cutting force, so as to ensure stable running and surface roughness.

  • T Slot Milling Cutter

    Contact NowT Slot Milling CutterT slot milling cutter is suitable for internal, external milling and clean-up machining. The cutting width is between 1.5mm and 4.8mm. Different inserts can be chosen as per geometry.

  • Chamfer Mill

    Contact NowChamfer MillChamfer mill cutter is suitable for face milling, chamfering and orifice chamfering. It’s a functional tool for roughing. Also, the inserts are suitable for cutting from different angles.